You can ease most heel pain yourself at home. If it doesn’t go away, see a GP.

How you can ease heel pain yourself

Try these things:

See a GP if:

  • you see no improvement after treating at home
  • the pain gets worse
  • you’re finding it difficult to walk

Common causes of heel pain

Your symptoms might give you an idea of what’s causing your heel pain. But don’t self-diagnose – see a GP if you’re worried.

Main symptoms Possible cause
Very bad pain taking first steps after waking or after period of not moving, difficulty raising toes off floor Plantar fasciitis
Tenderness and pain at back of heel and along Achilles tendon, pain in calf when standing on tiptoes Achilles tendonitis
Swelling, feels hot, pain on squeezing heel bone, hurts to walk and you’ve had an injury heel fracture
Pain at back of heel, can raise toes without pain bursitis
Numbness or tingling in foot when moving or resting peripheral neuropathy or tarsal tunnel syndrome
Stiff, swollen heel, difficult to move foot arthritis