About Us

infoMedHEALTH.com is fastest growing health information site. Daily millions of health seekers visit to infoMedHEALTH. infoMedHEALTHis a search tools designed for students, teachers, health care professional, scientists, public health practitioners and researchers worldwide. infoMedHEALTH.comis a product of Public Health Solution. infoMedHEALTH.comis designed and developed by a professionally proficient team of Sunny Agarwal.

We continuously update health information site, software tool and constantly investing in the creation advance technologies to meet our user’s expectation. We are dedicated to excellence and always make sure that user can find health information accurate, timely and up-to-date on infoMedHEALTH.com platform.

The goal of infoMedHEALTH is to provide a very comprehensive free search considers health information covering a wide range of subjects in health, life science, and medicine.

infoMedHEALTH is a medical encyclopedia, contains information related to health conditions, prescription and nonprescription drugs, and provides links to the latest medical research to learn more about clinical trials on a disease or condition. infoMedHEALTH has extensive information over 1000 health conditions, diseases and medicine from MedlinePlus, National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other trusted sources.

infoMedHEALTH.com is a health information site that was launched in October 2018. infoMedHEALTH main office is in Stafford, Virginia, USA.